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Old Republic Radio Broadcast #22: The Many Faces of Lord Scourge

Old Republic Radio Broadcast #22: The Many Faces of Lord Scourge

Hello again ORR community.  This week is far from our usual show and that is because we have a far from usual individual who join us this week.  If you have played the Jedi Knight class you may be familiar with Lord Scourge who is played by actor Joseph Gatt.  Joe joined us for what we though would be a short interview on the character he portrayed in SWTOR but then we got talking about mo capping Kratos for the God of War series,  his experiences on the set of the motion pictures Thor and the upsoming Star Trek sequel, and also talked about experiences with the late Irvin Kershner as well as some fun talk about Baliwood films.  It was a great chat and we hope you enjoy it even though we stray of the Star Wars path.  Also this week we o a short dev dispatch on 1.2 new features and discuss a little bit about our feeling towards them.  Also this week we draw for our first two winners of the Itunes review giveaway.  We hoe you enjoy the show and thank you for your support.

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  1. Great episode, and thanks for the shout out at the end. We loved it!
    Hope to catch you all soon in game, as well as more podcasts to come

    • Thanks for the comment Maurtimor! We had a blast in-game with you and your son. Let’s do it again this Sunday night!
      Special Birthday wish for your son will be incoming soon!

  2. Loved the show. Made me laugh alot :)

    I also had to laugh out loud when I read Baliwood … Bollywood man Bollywood hihi Love those films myself

    • ivan

      Woops that’s my bad will correct that. Thanks for the feedback

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